Night of the Demons



NIGHT OF THE DEMONS was the first feature film written by lifelong horror fan Joe Augustyn. Laced with mildly satirical deadpan barbs, at its core it’s a straightforward horror film. Since its initial release it has grown in popularity, with each new generation of teens discovering its peculiar charm. Two sequels to the original were produced. Joe co-wrote NIGHT OF THE DEMONS 2 with Jim Penzi but declined to be involved in #3. There was also a recent remake that attempted to reinvent the franchise without Joe’s involvement in any capacity.


Joe wrote and produced the original film, working closely with director Kevin Tenney to produce the quintessential 80s horror film.┬áHaving previously worked with casting director Tedra Gabriel on “American Drive-In” Joe knew she had a knack for discovering attractive and likable young actors with uncommon talent, who were also easy to work with. The cast included several newcomers as well as B movie queen Linnea Quigley, fresh from her role in “Return of the Living Dead.” Cathy Podewell went on to star in the hit TV show “Dallas” while Billy Gallo was tapped for a new TV series and several feature films. Lance Fenton went on to do “Heathers.” Allison Barron stepped away from acting to compete in the world of Olympic figure skating, while Amelia Kinkade became a world renowned animal rights activist and author. Hal Havins is a busy actor appearing often on network sitcoms. After working for decades as a Hollywood actor, Alvin Alexis returned to New York where he acts in theatre and entertains visitors as a tour guide. Phil Tanzini’s career took an interesting turn as well; besides appearing on several popular TV shows he has contributed character voices to nearly a dozen video games. ┬áDonny Jeffcoat is very active on TV and the lovely Jill Terashita went from acting to stunt work.

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Demon Possessed Kittens pretending to be Angela & Suzanne!