The Nine Lives of Felicia Miller

From the pen of horror writer Joe Augustyn comes a twisted modern fairy tale of witches and shapeshifting teens.


   Felicia Miller was a normal small town girl with typical teenage dreams… dreams that were shattered the night she was lured into the woods and abused by a group of evil boys. Left for dead in the      cold night fog, she’s rescued by a grandmotherly witch who grants her the power to shapeshift into any type of cat she desires. Felicia embarks on a merciless mission of revenge, spying on the boys as a  housecat and stalking them in the form of deadly wildcats.

   But revenge does not come easy. A new love brings complications and Felicia loses her magic allies. Suspicions grow and the residents of Greenville rally to end the elusive predator’s savage reign of  terror.

   A bounty is posted and a big game hunter joins the hunt.Despite the growing danger, Felicia’s animal nature won’t let her give up her bloody campaign. Will her mission end in deadly disaster? Or will her feline cunning prevail?