It might seem redundant to say horror films for horror fans, but let’s keep the emphasis on the word scary. By scary I mean films that are genuinely scary, creepy, spine-tingling, disturbing–not films that are designed to be enjoyed by the kind of “horror” fans who get nervous watching crappy cartoon monsters on Syfy Channel.

You might not agree with my tastes. I don’t expect you to. Horror films, like all movies, trigger very specific responses. Cinema is a medium based on psychology. Your mind pieces together a series of images and sounds and processes i through your own custom filter known as your brain. Just like some folks are scared of spiders while others like to pet big hairy tarantulas, one size does not fit all. That said, I will list and add movies here as I see them and like them. If you haven’t seen them yet, you might want to check them out. If you hate my choices, no biggie. Make up your own list and share it with like-minded people.

This list might take a while to develop since I’m pretty busy writing books etc. But whenever I catch a particularly worthy film I’ll be sure to add it.


This story of a demonic mirror uses the same back and forth jump structure between present day and past as INSIDIOUS 2 but to much better effect. The Insidious sequel is a bit muddled due to a bloated storyline and lookalike casting that occasionally gets confusing in the time jumps, but even at its most surreal moments Oculus is sharp and disturbing.


Ashley Bell is perfect as a girl besieged by a demon. The film builds slowly, but Bell’s masterful performance keeps it intriguing as the script takes creepy and ambiguous baby steps to a balls out climax.


This tale of terror and personal mayhem from VHS contributors Adam Wingard and Simon Barrett features the still lovely Barbara “Reanimator” Crampton among its excellent cast. If you don’t like supernatural horror but want to be put on edge, this should do it for you. Fans of The Purge should like this as well.


If you haven’t seen VHS yet, check it out. The first segment especially is superb. Hannah Fierman is perfectly cast as a Succubus who surprises a group of horny young dudes out on the town. The make-up efx are minimal but sublime. The other segments are fun but this one is outstanding (maybe because I’m very fond of Succubi). The VHS movies are standouts in the “found video” horror category. A bit more experimental and more imaginative than most.


I’ve seen a few other flicks lately that all appear to be of the same ilk as The Conjuring (The Possession, The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Haunting in Georgia (WTF is up with that title?), The New Daughter, Paranormal Activity 4, etc) but The Conjuring stands heads above them. Not only does it have some fresh creepy images, but it’s overall an intelligent well-developed script.


This is a bleak bit of sic-fi that pits a family against a sinister force that creeps in at night to dick with them. Not quite as well-developed as The Conjuring, but close, and pretty disturbing.


Like Dark Skies, this one has a family falling victim to a mysterious force that invades their house after sundown. And like that movie, it could have used a little more oomph but is overall worth